Wine in India and the Importance of Basic Wine Communication
Defining a multidisciplinary endeavor
Writing about wine studies . . . and more
​"Amo sobre una mesa/cuando se habla/la luz de una botella/de inteligente vino" escribió Pablo Neruda. ​Aprender sobre el vino implica un proceso…
Who's the winner after months of use?
​Charlie Leary, PhD, has provided his top picks in wine education in his new book Leary’s Global Wineology: A Guide to Wine Education, Mentorships, and…
This is Leary’s Global Wineology.
Leary's Global Wineology will be available as an eBook on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, and Google Play over the next few days. It provides a directory of…
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Leary’s Global Wineology